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Ecotherapy: How Many Thousands of Years of Evidence Do We Need?

Earth-Based Practices and the Problem with Evidence-Based Practice “Epistemology” is the study of “Knowledge,” and how we know what we know, or what makes us think we “know” the things we think we know. Some people need “data”, some rely more on intuition; some need experientials, some deep reflection; some do lit reviews, some do…
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Becoming Visionary: The Key To Our Successful Future

Becoming Visionary Is A Mindset You Will Need    --by Jim Nolan  What does it mean to be “Visionary”?  Visionary means looking into our unprecedentedly uncertain future and introducing innovation and creativity with a conscious intention of identifying the most useful questions, possibilities, solutions, and actions for making positive change in the world. The…
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Conscious Entrepreneurship: Let’s Meet Dr. Varghese

Conscious Entrepreneurship:  Why You Should Know Dr. Melvin Varghese Melvin Varghese is an incredibly likable guy who created what has blossomed into a huge phenomenon called “Selling the Couch.” He is a Psychologist who has created Podcasts, blogs, a Facebook Group, and other products aimed at helping you in private practice. This covers about every…
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#AATA2017: American Art Therapy Association Convention in Albuquerque!

Here in Albuquerque, the town is abuzz with over a thousand Art Therapist burning down the house... How great to experience! I feel honored to be among them... SO many Southwestern College students, alumni, faculty, and friends are here, celebrating a very fast-growing profession, enjoying the camaraderie (this is TRULY a Tribe), and honoring all…
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Male Therapists in Training, Including Native New Mexicans!

There aren't enough male therapists out there, and there are definitely not enough male therapists of color, or Spanish-speaking male therapists, or male therapists born and raised in Northern New Mexico, which is a country unto itself, as we all know who live and practice here.  So it warmed my heart to see some new…
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Are You An Artist Who Also Wants to Help People? Art Therapy!

Are You an Artist Who Also Wants to Help People? “Art Therapy” is a thing. A real thing.   It combines Psychology and Art. And Healing. And Personal Growth. And Archetypes and Metaphors and Creativity, and Making Art and Making a Good Living. There’s a career for you. So many of our students tell stories…
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Please Keep Your LPCC License

One of my several mentors, Dr. Sandra Shulman, told me to never let a professional license lapse.  So I went ahead and did, and always regretted it. There were reasons, of course--almost always money. It almost always created unforeseen headaches. Sometimes a LOT of them, and sometimes it took a long time and a lot…
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Southwestern College Students Are So Lucky

Dear Southwestern College Students, Tonight 22 faculty members came to our monthly meeting.   I wish you could have been there, seen and heard it.   We talked about “Transformational “Teaching, and what it looks like, how people actually “be” in the classroom, how CONSCIOUSLY they manage what they do to make the experience as…
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What Cause Will YOU Stand Up For?

Student debt, the death of Fidel, Standing Rock, a shifting and historically unrecognizable economy, the Trump presidency, the Obama presidency, the avalanche of higher ed regulatory requirements, the exponential increase in documentation requirements by insurance companies, fracking, global warming, the diversification of the country, wall or no wall, remaining a sanctuary city...      Are…
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MA in Counseling or PhD in Psychology?

So You Want to Be a Therapist? Counselor or Psychologist? Let’s start with the fact that becoming a licensed psychologist will take you a good 6-8 years or more to complete, and becoming an independently licensed Counselor will take you about 3-5 years, depending on your drive.  That’s a huge difference. Of course it’s not…
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Food and Consciousness by Dianne Deloren

Food and Consciousness Ah, October, one of my favorite seasons in Santa Fe, time to make my first apple pie of the season, and look forward to homemade muffins and breads, and the upcoming holidays. But this fall is different. I recently received a diagnosis of diabetes, which runs in our family. Actually, I was…
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Considering Working with Addictions/Substance Abuse?

A Letter to Anybody even REMOTELY Thinking of Working in Addictions/Substance Abuse Dear Friends, Colleagues, Prospective Students, Current Students, & Alumni, Credentials, licenses, and professional certificates can help us get jobs, and help us get clients and referral streams in private practice. This letter is for ANYBODY who thinks they MIGHT even POSSIBLY be interested…
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