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The Give-Away: An Indigenous Abundance Ceremony

The Give-Away Ann Filemyr, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean, Southwestern College   In a number of different but related indigenous cultures, there exists the practice some call the Give-Away. This Ceremony is undertaken whenever an individual or family or clan group experiences a sense of great abundance, of plentitude and joy. Then…
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Transforming Sexual Shame in Ourselves and Others

If you’re considering the Human Sexuality Certificate program but still aren’t sure, consider how it can open doors for you as a practitioner…and as a sexual being.  Sexual problems are among the most common difficulties not disclosed to therapists (Hook and Andrews, 2005). Feeling ashamed was the most commonly cited reason, followed by…
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A Newbie Art Therapist Reflects on the 2012 AATA Conference

by Christina-Villarreal The American Art Therapy Association's 45th annual conference (2012) was held in San Antonio, Texas. As a budding art therapist, I decided to take the opportunity to attend my first official art therapy conference, located an hour and half from where I lived in Austin, Texas.    In retrospect, I am amazed at how…
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Can Art Therapists Change Into Performance Artists…and Back Again?

If psychology is the study of the soul then therapy becomes a process of healing by which we utilize our understanding of soul or, perhaps more accurately, we attempt to understand the soul and in the process, reveal some helpful insights along life's journey. Exploring these depths requires more than just talk, especially when soul's first language is art; whether that be visual,…
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Art Therapists are Artists…and Alchemists

An art therapist knows that art-making facilitates transformation within the client/artist. Art therapists know that art can serve as a solvent, a catalyst, a salve, a stepping stone or a philosopher's stone depending on the needs of the artist. In this way an art therapist is also an alchemist practicing the ancient arts of metaphysical transformation. Art-making is an…
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