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A Ceremonial Retreat in Utah

Adolfo and Rodolfo finally got visas to travel to the U.S., and our group of 25 shamanic students and practitioners gathered in the red rock wilderness of Capitol Reef National Park, to work ceremonially with these two brothers from the Peruvian Andes. Their family lineage dates back many centuries before the Incas; powerful Altomisayoks (high…
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Skeletons in the Sky…

In preparation for my archetypal embodiment series I want to honor the structures and systems behind a persona or any construct for that matter. Those forms that silently shape what's under the skin, invisible to the eye. Why? Because without the groundwork, without the base everything falls out of context and nothing stays in place. In my creative…
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Mandalas and Thoughts at Week Eight

by Debbie Schroder Program Chair for Art Therapy/Counseling Program  It doesn’t really surprise me that as we approach the eighth week of the quarter, I’m finally able to spend a little time putting together an image that contains mandalas created by incoming art therapy students, during orientation. The quarter has been full – of teaching…
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From The FBI to Art Therapist & Counselor, by Laura Lansrud-Lopez

Laura Lansrud-Lopez titles her 2nd act story “Follow Your Heart: Advice From a Graduate of Southwestern College.” Read about her career change from forensic firearms technician with the FBI to professional art therapist and clinical mental health counselor…
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Learning to Lose: The Freedom in Failure

Learning to Lose: The Freedom in Failure by Claudia Escareño-Clark Have you ever heard the question, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” A while ago I fell down a self-help/find your passion rabbit hole where questions like these were supposed to somehow propel us into finding our dreams. I would like to…
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The Give-Away: An Indigenous Abundance Ceremony

The Give-Away Ann Filemyr, Ph.D. Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean, Southwestern College   In a number of different but related indigenous cultures, there exists the practice some call the Give-Away. This Ceremony is undertaken whenever an individual or family or clan group experiences a sense of great abundance, of plentitude and joy. Then…
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Transforming Sexual Shame in Ourselves and Others

If you’re considering the Human Sexuality Certificate program but still aren’t sure, consider how it can open doors for you as a practitioner…and as a sexual being.  Sexual problems are among the most common difficulties not disclosed to therapists (Hook and Andrews, 2005). Feeling ashamed was the most commonly cited reason, followed by…
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