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Andrew Fearnside Art Show @ Wild Heart Gallery

"Everything comes from shit." --Daniel Lanois  2014 was a long year.   In late May of 2014, I was about to complete the Preliminary Studies Program at the Santa Fe Jung Institute and a semester of study in contemporary psychodynamic work. Having completed 3,000 hours of direct client contact the previous autumn, I had been…
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A Student’s Guide to Southwestern’s Mission

I'm in my second year of a Masters degree program in counseling at Southwestern College, finishing up my last quarter of classes before my internship. Having been here a while, I think I'm now qualified to say a bit about what Southwestern College is all about, from a student's perspective. So here's what I'm going…
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Admissions at Southwestern

Welcome prospective students! Many of you are contacting us now with application and admissions questions. Most applicants visit our campus to get a “feel” for the student body and our faculty and staff. Of course, there is also the advantage of spending a long weekend in Santa Fe enjoying the art and outdoors! Our visitors…
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Clearing Stuck Energies

Our indigenous elders and healers tell us that ancestors can get stuck on the earth plane after passing. This may be due to a traumatic and unexpected death in which the soul is unprepared for the sudden passage into Spirit. Or it might be that the ancestor had no one available to do the traditional…
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