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The Art-Filled Wall Continues to Blossom with Color!

By Deborah Schroder  I continue to be just stunned by the continuing wall of beauty that contains the Capstone murals. The weekend course, or Part One of Capstone, when the mural painting happens, is how we encourage students who are finishing up Practicum, to explore what they know and have experienced about group work, and…
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Inauguration of President Ann Filemyr & 40th Anniversary of Southwestern College

The initial impulse to create a unique higher learning institution devoted to consciousness began in 1976 in Alamogordo, NM. Then in the fall of 1979 the first 12 students began their course of study. In the first entering class was Katherine Ninos, M.A., LPCC, who now teaches and mentors other teachers in the Consciousness curriculum.…
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Job Outlook for Licensed Counselors

by Kate Latimer, LPCC Before investing in the 2-3 years of academic coursework needed to complete a graduate degree, students need to know what their job prospects will be upon completion.  After the devastating effects of the 2008 financial crisis that left many degree-holders unemployed, colleges have seen a national trend of lower enrollment in…
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By Courtney Shackelford The campaigner. That is what the ENFP has been called. It is a personality that is driven by story, idealism, and emotional connection. It is my personality and perhaps one of those personality types best suited to therapy work. Extroversion doesn’t mean that you don’t have a capacity for deep listening, though…
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A glimpse: Teacher as Student Part 1

    I am a third of the way through my second residency at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee Switzerland. This intermodal education challenges students to learn through our bodies, minds and hearts. Students and teachers from all over the world (Hong Kong, Canada, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Mexico, United…
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Facing My Privilege of Congruency

By Deborah Schroder, MA in Art Therapy/Counseling Program Chair  I’ve always enjoyed sharing Virginia Satir’s way of working, with my students in my family art therapy course. This spring at the International Family Therapy Congress, I was faced with a belief I’ve held about congruency that was clearly formed by my own white privilege. In…
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Tracking Anger – an Art Therapy Exploration

As part of our Wild Heart Gallery art show on “Anger and the Feminine Self” we are offering this somatic art directive to those interested in exploring their own anger further. Supplies: Paper and Color Markers or Crayons or Paints or Magazines/Photos for Collage                    Paper and pen for writing Population: This can be…
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Getting to know Kate Latimer – Program Chair for MA in Counseling

By Kate Latimer, MA, LPCC, Program Chair of the MA in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health) Program photo of Seren Morris, Joanna Conte and Kate Latimer at their SWC graduation I first heard about Southwestern College in 2002 while living in Morocco and teaching at a small international school located in the town of Ifrane in…
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On These Shoulders, I Stand

By Maqueita Eleazer  While taking the History of Art Therapy course, I was surprised to see that 7/301 pages mentioned the contributions that art therapists of color have made to the field of Art Therapy. Pioneers such as Cliff Joseph, Wayne Ramirez, Lucille Venture, Georgette Seabrook, etc. have made tremendous contributions to this profession, and…
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Santa Fe Pride 2019

By Laura Lansrud-Lopez This past Saturday on June 29th, fifty years after the historic riots at Stonewall Inn, a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students, friends, family, and staff of Southwestern College gathered with a meaningful intention: to announce to the Santa Fe community that Tierra Nueva Counseling Center is here, we care, and we…
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When “assessment” is in the title for a retreat

This past Friday, June 29, the SWC leadership, including the members of the Academic Council, the Chief Finance Officer and the Director of Enrollment Services (me!) gathered together for our annual, “Assessment and Strategic Planning Retreat,” at Sunrise Springs. The setting was lovely, but the idea of sitting in a room for 7-8 hours talking…
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Self Care, a Symphony in Four Parts: Part Four

By Awbrey Michelle Willett   Ann Filmyer, Ph. D is an educator, poet, teacher, and mentor.  A traditional healer she trained with the late Keewaydinoquay Paschal in the Midewiwin tradition of the northern Great Lakes and is an Ojibwe herbal medicine woman.  Dr. Filemyr has a rich history as a teacher and was Professor of…
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Self Care, a Symphony in Four Parts: Part Three

By Awbrey Michelle Willett   For Jason Holley, MA, LPCC self-care is the beginning of all good therapy.  Jason is a psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Fe, prior to this he worked for the Life Healing Center of Santa Fe, where he helped to found its internationally-recognized sexual addiction treatment program.  Jason has a…
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Self Care, a Symphony in Four Parts: Part Two

By Awbrey Michelle Willett Katherine Ninos, MA, LPCC, is Executive Vice President of Southwestern College and Director of the New Earth Institute. She received her BA in Psychology from Alfred University, New York, and her MA in Transformational Counseling and Education from Quimby College in its first graduating class. (Quimby College later became Southwestern College.)…
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Self Care, a Symphony in Four Parts: Part One

By Awbrey Michelle Willett I set out using each of my classes here at Southwestern to grow as a person, and to study self-care, and the various occupational hazards of caring, in order to understand how counselors and those of service, including myself, can sustain our work and live optimally well, balanced, and joyful lives.…
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Rites of Passage: Wilderness Fast as a First Year Student

My name is Alyssa Ellegaard and I am a first-year student at Southwestern College. My journey at SWC began before classes started during this past fall’s Wilderness Fast in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. I had just moved from Northwestern Minnesota a week before I was to embark on the Wilderness Fast. I knew very little…
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Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy - by Deborah Schroder I recently picked up the newly-released edition of Beautiful Boy, David Sheff’s powerful story of addiction and recovery within his own family. I was overwhelmed with the exquisite authenticity of Sheff’s description of family art therapy because I was the art therapist in the scene that he eloquently shared. His…
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Deadlines for Admission

Deadlines. What a word. Here at Southwestern, we do have deadlines, but we also have rolling admission. How does that work? If you are considering applying to Southwestern College, I would urge you to consider how graduate school fits into the trajectory of your own story. Does fall entry make sense for you? Perhaps winter…
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