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Wild Dawn by Randi Ya’el Chaikind

I encountered the wild this dawn. Greybrown doggod Coy-YO-te, twanged a new mexican accent as alarms pealed through my system. I stopped. And my leashed goddog stopped, oblivious to CoYOte who stood still, watching us. Should I ignore this? Should I run? Who was more of an anachronism on these paved streets, me or CoYOte,…
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What Southwestern College Means by “Consciousness”

There are a million kinds of trees and ways to think about trees, but Robert Frost wrote his poem about “Birches”; there are scores of philosophies of education, but Waldorf Schools choose to focus on Steiner’s; there are untold numbers of ways to talk about and understand “Consciousness”, but Quimby/Southwestern College comes from identifiable influences…
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Mindfulness Practice at Southwestern College I was recently at the American Art Therapy Association conference in Washington D.C. and was asked by a prospective student whether we have a required “mindfulness practice” here as a part of the program. We do not. We do notice that there are activities that spontaneously arise in every entering class.…
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Practicum in Counseling – by Eliza Buck

Entering the second year of my counseling program, I immediately felt the shift of focus from myself to the client. Going to the Southwestern Counseling Center for Practicum concretizes this transition. The Center sits in a small shopping mall surrounded by fun businesses such as the cycling shop, an Ayurvedic café and a paleteria (Mexican…
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Inspiring Stories About Our Students

Since 2006, Transformational EcoPsychology students at SWC  have been reconnecting to Mother Earth by going on vision quests, praying in sweat lodges, practicing Andean energy healing techniques,  and participating in other indigenous healing ceremonies. But how have these folks been applying what they learn, once they are out in the professional world of mental health?…
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