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Shifting to a World of Bliss – What is More Real?

by Amy Hautman Bates I just read Mindell’s The Shaman’s Body and it reminded me of how much I used to know– how much I have always known that has become deeply buried in the last 35 years. Carlos Castaneda’s Journey to Ixtlan was an important book during my college years.  Now I look…
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Reflections on First Year, by Allegra Borghese

Does Southwestern College really deliver on its mission, "Transforming Consciousness through Education"? I am approaching the end of my first year at Southwestern College. Time has flown. This is not just because I decided on Option One for the program, but also because so much has happened in these last 8 months. As a graduate…
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Where Do Southwestern Grads Work? Alicia Hoffman

I have been in a private practice setting with Urban Balance in Chicago since 2011, painting and blogging about my work. Alicia Hoffman, LPC Psychotherapist Urban Balance, LLC www.urbanbalance.com Here is an excerpt from Alicia's blog: I created this piece in 2004 as part of heuristic research project in my second year of grad school…
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Giving Life to Unconscious Images through Collage and Poetry by Megan Sturges

by Megan Sturges, © 2012 My practice in the studio is about giving life to the unconscious image in specific form through my hands and eyes – bringing it into this world of color and form through the embodied sense of yes or no, here or there, connecting, separating, line, shape, object, pattern.  Like dreams,…
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The Magician

by Kat Dison "Carl Jung realized that archetypes are not based on interactions and experiences between actual human beings, but on simplified characterizations. These simplified characters, or archetypes, perform roles that are essential to our understanding of the world. The magician archetype, for example, does not seek answers from external resources, but instead searches…
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Bird Sculpture

by Lisa Marie Paradis   Where do you hail from? You and yours snug tightly In between the dream Awaken to five year old father's soul inhabited by butcher's Chicken floating gently across the room- enter the back of the neck- boulders upon the fleeing road-where do you hail from? barbed wire divisions in size-fait-memory-Is the …
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Wandering Around an Albuquerque Airport Terminal

After learning my flight was detained 4 hours, I heard the announcement: If anyone in the vicinity of gate 4-A understands any Arabic, Please come to the gate immediately. Well -- one pauses these days. Gate 4-A was my own gate. I went there. An older woman in full traditional Palestinian dress, Just like my…
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Marika Richard’s Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment & Light Center, LLC

I am a 2005 alumni from the Art Therapy program. Since graduating from SWC, I have been on many adventures as a therapist working in home-based and outpatient settings as a youth & family therapist, and with military populations as a traveling therapist in and outside of the US. I work part-time as a college…
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Jean Janu: “I love my work and this is truly what I am meant to do.”

Jean graduated from SWC in 2012 with a Master's degree in Counseling with concentration in Grief, Loss, and Trauma. She is currently working as a contract BH counselor at La Clinica Del Pueblo in Tierra Amarilla, NM. She says, "I work in the Rio Arriba County Detention Center one half-day a week. I work in…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Jaffa Frank

Jaffa V. Frank, Ph.D. After graduating with my M.A. in Grief, Loss, and Trauma Counseling at Southwestern College in 2008, I did hospice bereavement counseling in Albuquerque, which was cut short by serious personal health issues. Having come through surgery healthier than ever, I decided to pursue my long-time dream and in September of 2011,…
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