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The Hands That Guide – Creative Faculty and Staff at Southwestern College

by Debbie Schroder (2013)   The Wild Heart Gallery in the art therapy building is simply exploding with color! The show, entitled “The Hands That Guide” was hung this week and is a delightful mix of art created by faculty and staff at Southwestern College. I’m always aware,…
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Structure, Fluidity, and Presence in Sessions with Clients

This is episode 5 of the Aspiring Coaches and Therapists podcast, by Emilah Dawn DeToro and Jacob Gotwals. In this episode, we discuss the roles of structure, fluidity, and presence in sessions with clients. Listen Now / Download (Duration: 36:41 — 25.2MB) Find out about: How Emilah structures intuitive life coaching sessions with clients …
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Why I’m Getting a Master’s in Counseling at Southwestern College

This is episode 2 of the Aspiring Coaches and Therapists podcast, by Emilah Dawn DeToro and Jacob Gotwals. In this episode, Jacob describes how he chose to enter a master’s degree program in counseling at Southwestern College. Listen Now / Download (Duration: 14:26 — 9.9MB) Find out: Why Jacob decided to become a therapist …
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Karen Wennberg

"My clients are the best of my teachers, and I am forever grateful to them." - Karen Wennberg A few months after graduation, I worked up the courage to take a job offer serving a population that is often avoided and forgotten by society. Addiction brings individuals affected to a place where there is little…
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Peru Update – Candy Jones

Last week the Escuela Bonita Pachamama Mural series was completed and hung on the walls of the school. The typical labyrinth exercises, games, escuela perro, and puzzles were additional forms of exercise. This final week, we watched the animated film:  The legend of the guardians which is an adventurous tale of owls, the…
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Gratitude at the Grand Canyon: Two Students’ Road Trip for Thanksgiving

SWC Fun at the Grand Canyon By Allegra Borghese Part of the fun of moving to Santa Fe for grad school is getting to explore a new geographical location. The high deserts offer a different kind of vastness than the concrete jungles of the east coast. While a seven hour drive can get you through…
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Staying Centered and Grounded as a Practicing Art Therapist

By Amy Hautman Bates So far my education at Southwestern College has been truly amazing.  The mission of the college “Transforming Consciousness Through Education,” has resonated with my beliefs and values and the teachings have come easily for me.  But, learning about something and actually doing it can be very different.  It is common for…
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Puma……Peruvian Shaman Encounter

As soon as I hit Maras pavement, I emailed Puma of Chinchero.  He was the Shaman that my professor, Carol Parker had recommended.  His email response was immediate.  He had time for me on Thursday November 21, just four days back from my pilgrimage to Pomacanchi. The owl visitations from the citing of…
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SWC Student Writes About Art Therapy for “Psychology Tomorrow”

The Mirror and Portal of Art by Allegra E. Borghese I have been studying art therapy formally for a little over a year. Really though, it has been much longer. While my initial creative interest was fashion design, it lost its luster when a series of events cast me into a dark…
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Beautiful Girl

“Beautiful Girl” by Claudia Escareño-Clark and Gabby Valdez Gabby's Reflections: My assignment for my Multicultural class was to pick a topic “Outside of my Comfort Zone” pertaining to a cultural view. I chose to make a film documentary, which took much discerning to make public, about body image. In seeing the final cut, it was such…
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Be Open to an Attitude Change . . . From the Least Likely Suspects

This morning I arrived on campus ready to tackle my day--yes, tackle, as in "I may have to listen to 'We Will Rock You' by Queen to really get my day started." Maybe not quite as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I like, but I showed up. In conversation with the incredible and very supportive Dru…
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Manifesting Intentions in Maras, Peru (Week 3) – Candy Jones

This week has been one of manifesting intentions. Yesterday morning began as any other here on the compound.  The mountain summits rose majestically unabashed by gathering clouds.  The dogs scurried to my door and I exited my casa to make my morning coffee. The Women of Maras began to arrive shortly before nine…
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