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Archetypal Psychology Class 2014: The Mandala Process

The following images and words arose out of the 2014 spring Archetypal Psychology course. The students moved into dialogue with their soul and its language of image. My heart swelled tenfold as I witnessed these students share themselves...may you be touched as well. "The experience of this class has been a letting go of so…
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of Wishes Asunder…

And suddenly you realize that each moment is attached with the same force of seeds on a dandelion and that they are destined to depart. Your life is a mandala of moving parts. Wet water-colored memories bleed as you blow on them and the seeds spatter and scatter in the wind. Those seeds set by…
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What I Learned at Southwestern

When I started looking around for the right master’s program that would feed my spiritual side and not be like the typical programs at large universities, I asked three counselors whom I happened to know. They all independently stated “Southwestern College." One was a recent graduate and the other two attend the transformational healing conference…
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