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… “who will you be?”

This Halloween you will likely dress up. You will show the community a side of yourself they rarely, if ever, see. You will express your inner dimensionality with such verocity. You will adorn yourself, enticing the community to see something so very true about you and yet usually hidden from view. Ok, how many times…
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…lighten up

How amazing is it to witness our emotional realms at work? How astounding is it that a mood can have the power to color our field of vision? Our emotional currents no doubt influence how we see the world as well as how we interpret its events.  Is it not intriguing that one day you can feel so tortured emotionally and then…
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From The FBI to Art Therapist & Counselor, by Laura Lansrud-Lopez

Laura Lansrud-Lopez titles her 2nd act story “Follow Your Heart: Advice From a Graduate of Southwestern College.” Read about her career change from forensic firearms technician with the FBI to professional art therapist and clinical mental health counselor…
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Learning to Lose: The Freedom in Failure

Learning to Lose: The Freedom in Failure by Claudia Escareño-Clark Have you ever heard the question, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” A while ago I fell down a self-help/find your passion rabbit hole where questions like these were supposed to somehow propel us into finding our dreams. I would like to…
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…of aspects and arrangements accordingly

While contemplating my next performance piece I consider aspects and arrangements accordingly. Like the alchemist, artist and therapist that I am- I must do this! This process comes with it torn shreds of emotional wrapping and pockets of shrouded cloud with which to reconcile. Tiny cast off reflections of myself, like dew drop projections and…
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…Exploring the Creative Edge

I invited participant's in our last NMATA (New Mexico Art Therapy Association) workshop to enter the Creative Current and find their personal growing edges. How do you tap in to your artistic flow? What edges do you push up against when it comes to your expression? It is a valuable skill as a therapist to know…
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