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Decolonizing Education by Andrea Twitchell

The other morning I came into contact with a report by Jonathan Cook from the Aljazeera international news station. His correspondence, Israeli textbook 'bad for Arabs, bad for Jews,' resonated with a recent discussion I had. Mr. Cook shared a piece on the war and conflict segment on Israeli’s ministry of education’s effect on Palestinian…
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Art Genogram by Andrea Twitchell

Over the past weekend I was excited and joyous in being able to spend time with my extended family. Growing up with a diverse and multicultural background I had an unconventional childhood. At the age of 3 my parents divorced and I grew up separate from my father and brother. Over time both of my…
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“Split Spirit” by Andrea Twitchell

As a second year Art therapy/Counselor in training, I have recently begun practicum. Practicum is the hands-on application of my accrued training from over the course of my graduate and undergraduate programs. At Southwestern College I have come to understand and appreciate the art of transforming consciousness through psycho-eco-socio-education. As an indigenous woman I have…
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Of Two Worlds by Andrea Twitchell

Since beginning my apprenticeship as an art therapist/counselor in training here at SWC in 2014, I had my most challenging quarter in the spring of 2016. For the first two years I felt like I was doing a lot of personal transformation work in the safety of some of my cocoon-like classes. Since the beginning…
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Part 1 of 3 in a Series About Ownership Language

Part 1: What is Ownership Language In many of my classes our teachers have been training us to use “I statements” during discussions. For example, it applies when you fall into the habit of using we, or you, when you actually mean “I” in a statement, as I just did in this sentence. See what I…
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Bringing the Divine Feminine to Campus – Ann Filemyr, Ph.D.

Bringing the Divine Feminine to Campus by Ann Filemyr, Ph.D. I believe the Ultimate could be a vast energetic being, nameless, formless, skinless, disembodied raw creative force power zipping through the universe in the never-ending processes of making and unmaking, being, becoming and dissolving back into non-being. The Great Mystery, who I refer to…
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When One Transitions, We All Transition

When One Transitions, We All Transition by Ann Filemyr Our granddaughter announced his decision to become an F to M Trans Boy. Okay, I am ready, I thought. Well, not completely ready, I discovered. I should be ready. I came out in 1977 as a bisexual. I was precocious, adventurous and fully engaged in the…
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Choosing your Graduate Program

Choosing the right graduate program is not an easy task. I am one of those people who did not make the best choice. I am writing this blog to offer some questions to ask when comparing programs in Counseling or in Art Therapy/Counseling. I earned a MA in Counseling degree when I was in my…
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Summer Beach Reading from the “Sea of Whiteness” by Deborah Schroder

Summer Beach Reading from the “Sea of Whiteness” I remember seeing lists of books in magazines that were deemed appropriate for “summer beach reading," the assumption being that we all deserved a break from heavier reading material during the summer. I like that idea, in theory. But the truth is that I read what I…
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