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Wild Heart Gallery Featured Artist: Ann Filemyr

Prime Movers: The Annual SWC Staff and Faculty Exhibition On Thursday, January 12th, the Wild Heart Gallery had its first opening night gala of 2017: Prime Movers: The Annual Southwestern College Staff and Faculty Exhibition. A “prime mover” can be considered many things, in many fields – mechanics, biology, philosophy, etc. – but aptly describes…
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Who’s Who at Southwestern College – Denise Moore

Early on in my graduate internship at a family counseling agency, a supervisor told me, "We have the best jobs in the world, for we get to witness, hold and create change." I remember being pulled by those words, but I do not think I truly understood what they meant, and I am still unraveling…
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Opening the Doors to Zion

One of the many blessings of living in the Southwest is the ability to reach amazing geological locations within a day span. Over the holiday break, I had the opportunity to go to Zion National Park, the most visited and beloved National Park that I have been to thus far. Zion National Park is between…
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Unpacking My White Privilege

TLDR: White privilege is entrenched in our society, and not where it might be expected. Many people who consider themselves "not racist" act in ways that are still oppressive. Racism and oppression are as much "ways of being" as "words" that are said. I was surprised that I have a history of being an…
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Southwestern College Students Are So Lucky

Dear Southwestern College Students, Tonight 22 faculty members came to our monthly meeting.   I wish you could have been there, seen and heard it.   We talked about “Transformational “Teaching, and what it looks like, how people actually “be” in the classroom, how CONSCIOUSLY they manage what they do to make the experience as…
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“We cannot heal the earth until we heal ourselves. We cannot heal ourselves until we heal the earth.” by Ann Filemyr

"We cannot heal the earth until we heal ourselves. We cannot heal ourselves until we heal the earth." Kari-Oca Declaration of the 1992 Parliament of Indigenous Peoples In 1992 I attended the World Parliament of Indigenous Peoples as an environmental journalist. I was one of a handful of non-Native people allowed to witness the proceeding.…
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