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Diversity Dialogue: Straight White Male Safety

The "Diversity Dialogue" series also helps me understand my penchant for traveling, and having experiences in countries and circumstances many would find uncomfortable... As a straight Celtic-American male, I can travel far and wide and not have too many uncomfortable experiences, or even ones where I notice I am, OR FEEL as though I am…
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Southwestern College Hires New VP of Academic Affairs & Dean

IMPORTANT SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Dear Friends & Colleagues, We are honored and excited to announce that Dr. Ann Filemyr has accepted a position as the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Southwestern College! ... Ann most recently served as the Dean and Chief Academic Officer at the Institute of American Indian…
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by Karen Stefano Ed.M., M.A., L.P.C., NCC, How can you unwind your body and mind, listen to the inner stirrings of your spirit, and supercharge your creativity? It’s easy. Tissue Paper Collage! Mythologist Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” The truth is that our…
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…love is listening

Defining Archetypal Psychology is archetypal psychology. It is an ongoing investigation and inquiry between the primordial and the present. Our attempts to define something require the use of symbols and words, universal structures, mental constructs and a myriad of archetypal aspects in order to make meaning. We can follow common threads throughout culture’s lineage and…
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The Difference Between “Counseling” and “Counseling Psychology”

There is a radical difference between the fields of "Counseling" and "Counseling Psychology." Some people argue the details, but anybody thinking they want to become a therapist needs to know the difference before choosing a school and a program. This is really, really important, and can save you a lot of money, time, and confusion.…
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…core and complex

I keep trying to grasp what it means to be but all I can see comes and goes too quickly. When I try and define something archetypally ten thousand patterns sprawl out before me. Each time I go to organize my thoughts I find myself further from the point. Oops – there it goes again.…
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by Jessica Callaway, LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BC   I didn't know what to expect when I decided to go to Haiti. I realized when I was on the plane that I was partly, or mostly, going for selfish reasons. I was excited to practice art therapy and teach yoga in an environment I had…
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