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Self Betrayal II

 by Rush Cole        ...blackness.  Trapped.  Overwhelmed.  No way out.  Tired, so tired.  Sudden energy from the surge of self-hatred that roared through me.         “Get it over with, you don’t deserve to live!”  The blade against my wrist.       The Voice, coming from a part of me I didn’t know existed. “Put down the…
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No Black Crayons

by Deb Schroder As we prepare for the beginning of a new academic year, I take inventory of our art supplies and start compiling lists of what needs to be ordered. From teaching and making art in the large art therapy classroom I became aware this summer, of the scarcity of the color black. Black…
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Why I Chose Southwestern College, by Claudia Escareño-Clark

Why I Chose Southwestern College I believe that when you are considering Southwestern College, their mission statement will either ring true for you or it won’t: "Transforming Consciousness Through Education." While that completely resonated with me on one level, I hadn’t connected all the pieces. Often when making decisions I will rely on the ones…
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Musings from Wahatoya, The Spanish Peaks, by Carol Parker

Southwestern College (Santa Fe) Faculty and Students Visit Sacred Mountains in Colorado WAHATOYA:  The Spanish Peaks of Southern Colorado  For about five years,  the Spanish Peaks (or traditionally Wahatoya, which is a native word meaning the breasts of mother earth) have been yelling at me.  This happens every time I drive by on I-25 headed north…
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A Window Into an Intern’s Experience, from Eliza Buck

Southwestern College, Santa Fe Notes from Cooper Riis by Eliza Buck       7-13-12 Sensing safety takes time.  I’ve been at Cooper Riis for 13 weeks now and have just acquired a level of safety that enabled me to propose a new group and move it forward to actuality.  This process helps me understand the value of…
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A Day in the Life of Southwestern College Intern, Craig Tomas McAdams

Craig “Tomas” McAdams – Southwestern College (Santa Fe)   Internship in Maras, Peru A couple of days ago one of the boys I meet with for individual sessions – let’s call him Steve – came in for our meeting with his older cousin, John, and I was pleasantly surprised, almost shocked when he ran up…
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“Failure” – A Great Transformational Opportunity, by Alicia Hoffman, SWC Graduate

The Alchemical Possibilities  of Failure by Alicia Hoffman “My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them.” - Bono. I agree with Bono; surviving a mistake or a perceived failure and transforming it into wisdom or a life lesson is inspiring. If you do…
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Sacred Relationship by Patricia Meek

Southwestern College Alumna, Patricia Meek, Recounts a Mission of Healing in the Mountains Sacred Relationship “The winds end when the snow caps of Mount Blanca melt.” This is a common saying in the San Luis Valley, especially in the spring when the thirty plus gusts blow grit across one’s teeth. It was a windy day.…
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An Art-Based Ritual

An Art-Based Ritual by Deb Schroder Artwork created by Magdalena Karlick A summer ritual in the art therapy program has begun again. We’ve started our annual “Portfolio Review” process which is a part of the transition for first year students who are ready to begin second year in the fall. Deborah John and I will…
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Southwesten College Intern, Craig McAdams, in Peru

Southwestern College, Santa Fe: Internship in Peru In the beginning of my internship in Peru, I had the honor and blessing to be able to work with and learn from Andean Shaman (Paqo's). Through this journey, these men became my teachers, mentors, friends and brothers. First, I sat with Adolfo Ttito Condori, one of five…
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A Mandala a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

by Eliza Combs Okay, so maybe not once a day, although that would be an awesome practice but at least once a week for 8 weeks or so. I loved getting to come to Seren's Art Therapy Techniques class last quarter and make my 10-minute mandala with watercolors. This was a project I wanted to…
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Group Mandala

Termination Phase ~Group Mandala~ Betsy Sohmer & Camille Grec Presentation Project for Art Therapy Techniques, teacher: Seren Morris Intention: To create a space and activity for the group to experience visual cohesion of the things we’ve learned in class while maintaining perspective of each member’s distinctive contributions. Materials: Two Large pieces of butcher paper Various…
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Final Thoughts on Maras: An Intern’s Farewell to Peru

Final Thoughts: Maras        By Sara WIlliams I cried after leaving Maras. It was something like a mixture of sadness and gratitude. Sadness because never again will I have the same experience. It was confusing because it is unusual for me to get sentimental about endings. It is more common to be looking to the future,…
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Dru’s Pups Kioko & Suki

Don't these faces say it all! Well I will get around to having my face in there too...but I wanted the pups to get a little press time all by themselves! The husky mix is called "Kioko" - it means "born with happiness" in Japanese and the brown one is "Suki" - also Japanese. They…
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Remember Home: A Poem by Eric Golden, Second Year Student and Intern

REMEMBER HOME Turn back towards God Loneliness, panic, sadness, disconnection Any sufferings Are not punishments They are guides Pointing you back towards God Towards love, towards family How lonely Pluto must be So far out in the darkness and cold With only an almost imperceptible sensation of gravity calling him in Until he remembers And…
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Scene Change: Shadow Boxes

        This is another assignment for my History of Art Therapy: Current Trends class. Students were asked to bring in to class a medium sized box, recycled materials, and an idea about a scene they would like to change: Personal, Professional, or Global.  This was inspired by a project done with Veterans at…
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Transformation and Awakening at Southwestern College, by Amy Krok

It was a vision.  On the rising from sleep one idle morning, the young 25-year-old girl experienced something out of this world; the girl saw clearly before her, her future.  At 25, the girl had spent most of her twenties up to that point confused and searching for answers, directions and guidance.  It came…
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