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Monthly Archive May 2015

Soul-Making at Southwestern College

What do you get when you rock a holistic, integrative, soulful curriculum and approach to Art Therapy and Counseling, in an innovative and powerfully transformational dual degree program? You get soul-making at the graduate level, an exponentially mentally, emotionally, energetically, and otherwise, experiential and life-changing experience. I knew that Southwestern College's M.A. in Art Therapy/Counseling…
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Counseling, Consciousness, and Survival in Utah’s Horseshoe Canyon

I never thought that the coursework in a master’s degree in counseling would help me to survive a night of being stuck in Utah’s rugged, remote, and desolate Horseshoe Canyon. Nor would I have ever guessed that an education in counseling would help me transform my consciousness in a survival situation to be able to…
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Mobile Metaphor Containment

by Deb Schroder If car designers only knew what art therapists truly need (not that we’re a big enough group to be listened to by the auto industry). We turn our mediocre, ordinary car trunks into Mobile Metaphor Containment Units – we drive around with art pieces stashed in the only container that exists in…
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Why I Stopped Saving Books

I read lots of books. I used to do a lot of underlining and note taking in those books—then I would file the books away on my bookshelf as a storehouse of knowledge. Eventually, I started to notice something: I never went back to any of those books to look at my notes and underlines.…
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