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Several Levels of Generosity

I value generosity on several levels: On the physical or material level, generosity could take the form of giving money, food, shelter, etc. On the emotional or heart level, generosity is about giving others my attention, love and compassion. At the level of intellect, am I willing to share my ideas and…
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How Long Should Your Private Practice Marketing Tail Be?

How Long Should Your Marketing Tail Be?You’re going into private practice. Do you present as a generalist, and click on all 57 of those “Specialization” boxes on the insurance providers forms? Do you actually BELIEVE anybody who checks a million specialties? Of course not. You’re left having no idea what they really do well, if…
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When I Lose My Discernment

Several times in the past, I've gotten excited about the latest spiritual practice I'm doing, and I've lost my sense of discernment about it. I start thinking it's the best thing ever—everyone should be doing it! I become a true believer, thinking it's the right thing for everyone; the world would just be a better…
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