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Soul-Making at Southwestern College

What do you get when you rock a holistic, integrative, soulful curriculum and approach to Art Therapy and Counseling, in an innovative and powerfully transformational dual degree program? You get soul-making at the graduate level, an exponentially mentally, emotionally, energetically, and otherwise, experiential and life-changing experience. I knew that Southwestern College's M.A. in Art Therapy/Counseling…
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Mobile Metaphor Containment

by Deb Schroder If car designers only knew what art therapists truly need (not that we’re a big enough group to be listened to by the auto industry). We turn our mediocre, ordinary car trunks into Mobile Metaphor Containment Units – we drive around with art pieces stashed in the only container that exists in…
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Why I Stopped Saving Books

I read lots of books. I used to do a lot of underlining and note taking in those books—then I would file the books away on my bookshelf as a storehouse of knowledge. Eventually, I started to notice something: I never went back to any of those books to look at my notes and underlines.…
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How Can I Help (with a Dual Degree in Art Therapy/Counseling from SWC)?

“How Can I Help?”, a book by Ram Dass and Paul Gorman, asks a critical question of potential Art Therapists/Counselors, others in the professions such as medicine, psychology, social work, the ministry, education, and humans in general. We read this book, which explores the topics of altruism and self care in the helping professions, in…
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Three Magic Words for Fostering Respectful Dialogue

In a difficult conversation, when I'm considering saying something controversial, I find that it really helps to preface it with three magic words: "My story is..." This allows me to express my perspective while simultaneously owning it. Owning my perspective creates space for the other person to have their own perspective (which may be different…
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Taking a “Wait and See” Approach to Life

When I'm finishing up a session of meditation, I sometimes set an intention to continue doing nothing throughout my day. That doesn't mean I won't move from my meditation cushion—it means I'll take a wait-and-see approach to my day. It means acknowledging I'm not in control—and letting go. I simply wait and watch what my…
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Digital Media, Personal Narrative and Art Therapy: The Great Unknown

The technology of the internet... what does it mean? Does the internet teach social skills? Does it matter? Can we make connections via the internet and are they real? What about personal narrative? How does digital media affect us? In this video interview Dr. Natalie Carlton discusses the topic of digital media as narrative, people's…
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The End of a Storm Chasing Era

From 2002 through 2010, I went on storm chasing trips to the Great Plains around Texas almost every spring. Toward the end of these years, I started getting more insight into the psychological roots of my fascination with storms, and I stopped doing as much storm chasing. I wrote the following piece in the spring…
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I Like Big (Art Therapy/Counseling) Books and I Cannot Lie

Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.                                                                ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden Oh, yes, yes I do… like big books, art therapy and counseling tomes (including books about expressive arts therapies and indigenous and ancient healing traditions) and I cannot lie. One of the best…
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How I Free Myself from Labels

Sometimes I'll get compliments like, "You're so organized!" At these times, I'll often respond by saying, "Thanks! That's true, I am—except when I'm not!" That's because I try not to think of myself as being any particular thing—responsible, irresponsible, loving, hateful, or whatever. In my experience, when I get invested in a particular idea about…
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