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Why I Chose SWC by Bryce Downey

In April 2013, I was privileged to hear Robert Waterman speak. The significance of this event is Robert Waterman founded Southwestern College, which I began attending as a Counseling student later that fall. Much of what he shared provided confirmation of that decision.  I have known since I was 20 years old that becoming a…
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Marijuana and the Profession of Psychotherapy

The plant known as marijuana has long been known in the indigenous world to carry a seductive feminine energy that creates dependence, while at the same time appearing to enhance spiritual expansion. The energies of this plant, while perhaps occasionally useful in a limited ceremonial context, typically create weakness in the individual's medicine body (energy…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Patricia Meek

Patricia L. Meek, LPC, MFA, NFT Noah: A Supernatural Eco Thriller was published by All Things that Matter Press and was released December 1, 2011. I began the novel while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My experiences at Southwestern College heavily influenced the creation of this work. Archetypes, Ancient Mysteries, and Vision Quest, were all…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Ashley M. Simpson’s Art Therapy Internship Now Full-Time in OK

In the Spring of 2013, I finished up supervision for my ATR and LPC in Oklahoma. Even cooler, my supervisor is also a SWC grad! I work full-time for the Cavett Kids Foundation, the same foundation where I completed my internship in 2012. With the Cavett Kids Foundation my title is "Art Therapist, Director of…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Luisa Kolker

Luisa Kolker graduated from Southwestern College, where she studied Counseling. Interestingly, I met her through Social Media, where I became aware of this really funny, transparent, and seemingly wise woman who was doing Shamanic work in Santa Fe. I knew she was a graduate of the school and thought it would be great to meet…
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Visioning the Life Path by Gabrielle Tatha Viethen

One of the last classes offered to students at SWC before they launch into internship and graduation is Career and Life Development, well placed as a stepping stone into life after school. I have been teaching one or more sections of this class for the last three years. Always in the first class, many students…
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Where Do Southwestern Grads Work? Sara (Jordan) Skowronski

Sara (Jordan) Skowronski, LPC, ATR-BC, CAGS (certificate of advanced graduate studies in Expressive arts). I graduated in 2004 from the Art Therapy Program. Since that time I have greatly appreciated the ability of “being present” that Southwestern instilled in me as a therapist and as a person in general. Presently, my family and I, which…
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Where Do Southwestern Grads Work? Niccole Toral

Niccole Toral has been working with Sangre De Cristo Community Health Partnership, a nonprofit organization providing rural based behavioral health services since 2010. In addition, she and her husband Tod DiCecco have started up their own business called EarthSpirit Awakenings, LLC. Their business offers Vision Fasts as well as other Eco therapies, such as Medicine Walks,…
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SWC Graduate, Carol Christianson, Santa Fe Counselor and Hynotherapist

Carol Christianson I graduated in 1995 and worked in the mental health field as a counselor in various agencies in NM, eventually becoming an academic advisor for 7 years.  In 2007, I decided to take time off from counseling and started a business doing American Clay installations.  This is a plastering process that is eco-friendly…
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Where Do Southwestern Grads Work? Michele “Ama Wehali” Rozbitsky

1990 Grad, Michele “Ama Wehali” Rozbitsky has developed a domestic violence program for the Eight Northern Pueblos called ‘Peace Keepers’, worked as a crisis counselor, art therapist and in outpatient mental health services at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and in private practice. In the last six years she has become a Shamanic practitioner and has written…
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Where Do Southwestern Grads Work? Rick Cotroneo, Counseling

1985 Graduate, Rick Cotroneo I started a part-time practice in classical homeopathy. My background in Education made me a candidate to serve as a commissioner on the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA). Just as Southwestern College has grown over the years through the process of accreditation, so now I am working…
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Where Do Southwestern College Grads Work? Zachary Campbell

Zachary Campbell, M.A., LPCC began working in Coon Rapids, MN as the Assistant Director of Housing with Services for Mary T. Inc.  Mary T. Inc. provides enhanced lifestyles through affordable rental housing, apartments for seniors, residential living, supportive services, hospice, and home health care.  Zachary lives in Plymouth, MN with his wife and two children. …
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