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The Hogwarts of Santa Fe

This morning I was chatting with one of my lovely classmates about our first two weeks at Southwestern College. She said something that instantly resonated with me- “I feel like we’re at Hogwarts!” Thinking more about this humorous comparison to Harry Potter, I began to see more and more striking parallels. We are summoned here by…
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Finding a Therapist

How to Find a Good Therapist Here are suggestions from the Academic Council of Southwestern College on how to find a good therapist: Seek referrals from people you trust – ask your friends, social network, fellow students and colleagues who they have found to be helpful. Just because a therapist is great for…
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Several Levels of Generosity

I value generosity on several levels: On the physical or material level, generosity could take the form of giving money, food, shelter, etc. On the emotional or heart level, generosity is about giving others my attention, love and compassion. At the level of intellect, am I willing to share my ideas and perspectives? And…
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When I Lose My Discernment

Several times in the past, I've gotten excited about the latest spiritual practice I'm doing, and I've lost my sense of discernment about it. I start thinking "It's the best thing ever—everyone should be doing it!" I become a true believer, thinking it's the right thing for everyone; the world would just be a better…
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What is Empathic Presence?

When I started learning to empathize with others, at first, I found myself awkwardly guessing their feelings and needs (often, incorrectly). Gradually, I built my feelings and needs vocabulary, and eventually, I was able to guess feelings and needs more easily and more accurately. However, my empathic reflections still felt somewhat awkward and contrived. I'd…
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Visual Truth: A Series on the Honesty of Art

Visual Truth: A Series on the Honesty of Art Part 1 In 2005 Stephen Colbert coined the word “truthiness” and it still mischievously pops into my head when I witness discussions where no real facts seem important. As an art therapist I probably honor intuition and perception as much as anyone so it might seem a…
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When My World Fell Apart

(This piece is based on a journal entry of mine from January, 2009.) The last couple weeks have been very challenging for me. I've been feeling anxious, off-center, low on energy, and afraid. Lots of things have changed in my life all at once. Watching Everything Fall Apart The nonprofit that I've been leading for…
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Letting Go of Control

When we stop trying to control ourselves and others, what happens? Perhaps that depends on the extent to which we're resting in love. When we're resting in love, the distinction between ourselves and others evaporates. We start getting attentive to all needs that arise—both for ourselves and others. When we stop trying to control, we…
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How I Prepare for Sleep

For me, the first step in having a great day is having a great sleep—and the first step in having a great sleep is preparing for sleep. I know I'm going to be asleep for about eight hours—and I know that the last hour or so before I go to sleep is a crucial time…
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Noticing What’s About to Be Born

I'm really liking a practice I've been doing: noticing what's about to be born. This works both alone and in conversation. Alone, this practice goes with reminding myself that I don't know what I'm going to do next. Not knowing makes me curious about it. What actually am I going to do next? I start…
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How to Resolve Conflict by Naming Expectations

I find that naming expectations helps me avoid and resolve conflict. An unnamed expectation is an unconscious, unspoken, implicit "should" or "should not" hanging between myself and someone else. I'm not saying expectations are a problem—shared expectations are the essence of culture, and culture is what allows us to relate with one another easily and…
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“Opportunity to Publish Consciousness- Centered Writing”

"Opportunity to Publish Consciousness- Centered Writing" for Evolving magazine. If you are interested in writing for Evolving Magazine -  A Guide for Conscious Living, The writers guidelines are listed here: 2019 Evolving Writer Guidelines  and check out their website here:  www.EvolvingMagazine.com good luck! Are you joining us for the 2019 Transformation & Healing Conference, August 21st…
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How to Make Difficult Experiences More Meaningful

I'm finding I can make difficult experiences more meaningful by using them to cultivate compassion. For instance, let's say I'm feeling lonely—needing more love and companionship in my life. Feeling lonely can be uncomfortable, and loneliness can seem bleak and meaningless. However, I can make my experience of loneliness more meaningful by using it toward…
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How to Stop Doing Things You Regret When You’re Angry

When I'm angry (that is, "triggered"), I'm often tempted to gain relief from my triggered state by protecting myself in some way—usually, by setting a boundary. The problem with this is that setting a boundary tends to be a unilateral decision that's unlikely to meet the other person's needs for care, consideration, connection, and inclusion—especially…
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