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Relatedness and Regeneration by Marna Hauk, PhD

adrienne maree brown, in Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds “Developing your capacity for adaptation can mean assessing your default reactions to change, and whether those reactions create space for opportunity, possibility, and continuing to move towards your vision… I believe that regardless of what happens, there is an opportunity to move with intention—towards growth,…
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Pleasure and the Erotic in a Time of Emotional Winter

Looking out my window here in Minnesota, I see a lovely blanket of shimmering snow covering the ground. Here and there, the dried brittle skeleton of a plant pushes through. It certainly has its own beauty, but it is harsh. The kind of beauty that will give you frostbite. The glitter of ice coating a…
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Arts-Based Research: Symbols of Internalization and Identity

One of the required courses in our Art Therapy for Clinical Professionals Masters program is a 1-credit Arts-Based Research course. Students are asked to choose a symbol to engage with over the course of the quarter through arts-based inquiry and symbolic research. Part of the course asks students to identify their social location and multiple…
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