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A Researcher’s Blessing

Thank you provisioning creatrix power of the living universe, of which we are a deep part, for guidance in helping connect us with the next now and necessary node(s) in the sinuous, supple, undulant, and infinite webweave of the cosmos-in-becoming knowing itself more deeply. We honor affirm that as we are a part of the…
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Snowflake: Reflection on the PhD Cohort by Susanmarie Oddo

Snow is beginning to accumulate, and as my border collies race outside for their last evening jaunt before bed, their paw prints pepper the snow.  I delight in watching them discover the first snow of the season.  In the mountains of Colorado, the scene of dogs romping in deep powder is ubiquitous, and joy inducing. …
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Vision Seeds for PhD Visionary Practice and Regenerative Leadership

Growing Your Vision-Seed  In our new transdisciplinary applied doctoral program, the PhD in Visionary Practice & Regenerative Leadership, each student begins their journey with the spark of an idea or a desire, a personal calling. We call this initial spark the vision-seed. Our program is designed to help students nurture, incubate, develop, and bring to…
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Snapshot of a PhD course, first quarter by Colleen Pendry

It has been a remarkable first quarter in the PhD program. VPRL620 – Phenomenology and the Call to Serve embedded spiritual, investigative, and practical methods, providing me with opportunities to be an authentic learner. The creative process is the root of my cosmology, and I jumped in with head and heart. Synthesizing course material by…
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Reflecting on Indigenous Peoples Day by Kira Jackson, SWC Student

Being in the northeast, the hustle and bustle of the cities domineers everything. Regionally the energy is impatient, it’s fast-paced, it’s strong-willed. There’s always people, TONS of traffic, and a hundred different moving parts. You were never really encouraged to put your feet into the grass and just allow yourself to be when growing up…
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Residency for the Ph.D. Visionary Practice and Regenerative Leadership Program

Southwestern College & New Earth Institute launched their first Ph.D. program, called Visionary Practice and Regenerative Leadership. This program embodies three life-changing residency experiences that include Seeking, Gathering and Grounding, and Crossing the Threshold. As one of fifteen students, I attended the first residency of our first cohort, “Seeking,” in early September of 2022. On…
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My first week at SWC by Tya Bussell -Student and Graduate Assistant

The anticipation from July to September was immense, knowing grad school was a big life step for me. I prepped my spare room that was my old high school bedroom into my new office/yoga space. It was a total room renovation. I strongly feel the energy of physical space arrangement and needed to make this…
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Living in the Desert by Tya Bussell, SWC Student and Graduate Assistant

Ah, the sweet New Mexico landscape. Enchanting, delicious, wild, entertaining, clear, infinite. The home, I’ve called my own since I emerged from the womb. A place of lots of dirt and unending blue sky, fresh air, and S P A C E! !Òrale! I grew up in central NM, spanning from Estancia to ‘Burque…
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Capstone from a Distance: Zine pages, blood, sweat, & tears

Our Capstone process underwent a new iteration this year. With the class split in half with students who are learning at a distance, and students who are local to Southwestern College, Jennifer Albright and I decided to have the distance students create their own process. Click here to see their zine, Pilgrimage. And read on…
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2 new murals, a Capstone Process

Our Capstone process underwent a new iteration this year. With the class split in half with students who are learning at a distance, and students who are local to Southwestern College, Jennifer Albright and I decided to have the distance students create their own process. Click here to see the zine that was created by…
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Murals, Relationship & Endings

As I move towards facilitating my last mural painting process at Southwestern College, I am thinking about relationships, legacy and love. Debbie Schroder and I have co-facilitated this process since 2013, and since the pandemic of 2020 the process has undergone many changes (see Group Murals During a Pandemic and Cracked Wide Open).  The mural…
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Hope’s Tree & New Beginnings at SWC

Jennifer Albright Knash joined the Southwestern College family as department chair of the Art Therapy & Counseling program this past spring 2022. She has brought diplomacy, kindness, creativity and a trauma-informed approach to the Art Therapy / Counseling program. Please read her bio on the SWC website.  This link will lead you to Hope's Tree-…
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Relatedness and Regeneration by Marna Hauk, PhD

adrienne maree brown, in Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds “Developing your capacity for adaptation can mean assessing your default reactions to change, and whether those reactions create space for opportunity, possibility, and continuing to move towards your vision… I believe that regardless of what happens, there is an opportunity to move with intention—towards growth,…
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Pleasure and the Erotic in a Time of Emotional Winter

Looking out my window here in Minnesota, I see a lovely blanket of shimmering snow covering the ground. Here and there, the dried brittle skeleton of a plant pushes through. It certainly has its own beauty, but it is harsh. The kind of beauty that will give you frostbite. The glitter of ice coating a…
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Arts-Based Research: Symbols of Internalization and Identity

One of the required courses in our Art Therapy for Clinical Professionals Masters program is a 1-credit Arts-Based Research course. Students are asked to choose a symbol to engage with over the course of the quarter through arts-based inquiry and symbolic research. Part of the course asks students to identify their social location and multiple…
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